I deployed a masternode on Neoxa, it’s a newer cryptocurrency that not only uses masternodes for staking and earning coins, but it is always a GPU mineable crypto, and my nodes are earning huge returns, about 65%!

Mining, staking, masternodes, and play to earn gaming, honestly from a quick overview Neoxa has a lot of things that I like to see in a cryptocurrency project, and a few long-term community members being involved is always a good sign!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Spinning up 10 Neoxa nodes
01:15 My Neoxa node
02:08 What is Neoxa?
03:59 Neoxa network stats
04:36 How to buy Neoxa coins?
06:58 Setting up a Neoxa node
09:05 My node earnings
13:06 Neoxa gaming portal
14:13 I’m deploying my capital