I started mining in my house and then expanded into my garage mining farm. Later, I converted a shed into a mini mining farm, and now I am building a big Bitcoin mining farm that I want to power with solar. But is it even still worth it to build a BTC mining farm?

Building my solar-powered cryptocurrency mining farm has been anything but easy. I absolutely love crypto mining, but many do not share my passion, and naturally, they ask me about my decision. The biggest question I’ve been asked is whether or not this mining farm is worth it. Mineable cryptocurrencies have seen rising hashrates recently, contrary to price action. With Ethereum no longer being mineable, crypto mining profits have dropped immensely.

All of this leads to everybody wondering whether it’s still worth it to mine cryptocurrency, let alone build a $100k+ mining farm. Let’s take a look at my journey building the farm while doing many other things and whether or not I think it’s still worth it.


⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Why am I building a crypto mining farm?
01:22 Different types of crypto miners
02:21 Are there any new interesting Proof of Work coins?
03:13 Is mining crypto still worth it with Ethereum gone?
04:33 Mining hashrates have been climbing steadily
05:32 When will I start mining on the new property?
06:20 New, more efficient Bitcoin miners coming soon
07:00 Building, mining, and running a YouTube channel!
08:15 Being bold and staying the course
09:09 Trading in a bear market?
10:04 The world and markets are crazy!




1) What Coins I’ll Mine on My Solar Powered Mining Farm!

2) Designing Electricity for a Bitcoin Crypto Mining Farm

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