My shed for hard drive mining is here, a dedicated shed transformed into a DIY data center for hard drive mining. With a strong focus on Chia XCH, an innovative hard drive mineable cryptocurrency, I’m diving into uncharted waters with confidence and excitement. Join me on this journey as I share my vision and optimism for this unique venture.

Betting on Chia XCH:

A Strategic Choice Chia XCH’s cutting-edge consensus mechanism, utilizing hard drive space for mining, caught my attention. This strategic decision has prompted me to invest in crafting a DIY data center, optimized for efficient Chia XCH farming. My confidence in Chia XCH’s potential growth and the profitability of hard drive mining is driving this bold move.

From Shed to Data Center:

A Creative Evolution Converting an Amish shed into a DIY data center might sound unconventional, but it embodies the spirit of innovation in the crypto community. This dedicated space is designed to host optimal hard drive mining operations, paving the way for successful Chia XCH farming. While challenges lie ahead, the journey is fueled by our shared passion for progress.

An Optimistic Outlook Venturing into Chia XCH farming comes with risks, yet the potential rewards make it an exhilarating pursuit. The transformation of this shed symbolizes my belief in Chia XCH’s future and the power of hard drive mining. It’s a testament to the resilience and forward-thinking nature of the crypto world.


As I embark on this new crypto chapter, I invite you to join me in embracing the challenges and successes that await. The evolution of an Amish shed into a dedicated DIY data center for Chia XCH mining represents the spirit of innovation within our community. With Chia XCH’s promise and the potential of hard drive mining driving me forward, let’s explore this uncharted territory together.



00:00 The hard-drive mining shed has landed!
02:41 What did I build?
03:09 Making sure it stays cool
04:40 Electricity for the hdd shed
06:50 Getting internet to the farming shed
09:11 Finishing up the hard drive shed
14:40 Investing in infrastructure
17:41 What to do when it doesn’t work out?
20:35 Lets start farming!
22:30 Hard drive mining a safe bet?
24:00 Beware Halvings are coming!


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