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Crypto Mining Made Easy

Generate daily passive income with our crypto mining solution, backed by real ASIC miners at the VoskCoin mining farm.

VoskCoin cloud Mining

Invest and Earn

Grow your passive income with our automated crypto mining solution.

Crypto Mining

Promo Bonus

Enjoy amazing discount offers when you fund your VoskCoin mining account.

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Earn more through our affiliate program as you promote VoskCoin.

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Sign Up - Start Mining - Daily Profit

Generate daily passive income hands-free from anywhere with our ASIC-based cryptocurrency mining solution, backed by real ASIC miners at the VoskCoin mining farm.

Our advanced cryptocurrency mining equipment at the VoskCoin farm eliminates the need to purchase or set up any hardware.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our system offers a convenient and efficient way to build passive income.

Select one of our mining contracts today and elevate your passive income stream in cryptocurrency from home, without the need for expensive hardware or complex setups.

Drew Vosk - CEO

Drew Vosk

How It Works

You need three simple steps to start mining crypto with us.

Create Account

Create a VoskCoin account and verify your identity.

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Mine Crypto

Select and customize your preferred mining contract to start mining.

Mining Contract
Start Earning

Start earning mining rewards 24 hours after your contract becomes active.

Client Payouts

Mining Contract

Backed by real ASIC miners at the VoskCoin mining farm.

Bitcoin (BTC)

What You Mine Bitcoin (BTC)
Algorithm SHA-256
Mining Hardware ASIC-based
Mining Reward Daily
Instant Payout
Fast Withdrawal

Kaspa (KAS)

What You Mine Kaspa (KAS)
Algorithm KHeavyHash
Mining Hardware ASIC-based
Mining Reward Daily
Instant Payout
Fast Withdrawal

Dedicated Support
99.9% Uptime
No Hidden Fees

Profitability Calculator

Calculate estimated daily earnings for each mining contract.

Choose Contract
ASIC-based Mining Plan
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Contract Profitability

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Mining Payouts

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Optimized Global Service

Generate passive income daily from anywhere in the world.

No Need To Buy Equipment

The best ASIC mining hardware is already set up and running. Save on the cost of purchasing expensive, bulky hardware and avoid the hassle of setting it up.

Automated Instant Setup

No need to dig into a bunch of hardware documentation, simply create account and get started!.

Get access to daily passive income without any extra effort.

Industry Leading Performance

No matter which package you choose, you are renting the latest technology, which guarantees maximum performance for as long as possible.

99.9% Uptime

Access VoskCoin crypto mining from any location with our multiple data centers, redundant cooling systems, emergency generators, and comprehensive monitoring.

Hosting Locations

Reliable mining solution that lets you mine crypto from anywhere.

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