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Our system does the cryptocurrency cloud mining with existing hardware resources at the voskCoin mining farm and you receive daily ROI in your crypto wallet while focusing on other important things.

Why us

  • Daily Mining Output
  • Fast Withdrawal
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Funds Security


  • Discount Promo
  • Dedicated Support
  • Affiliate Program
  • Multiple Payment Option
VoskCoin bitcoin mining

How It Works

You need 3 simple steps to start cloud mining with us.

Create Account

Create VoskCoin account and verify your identity.

Sign Up

Mine Crypto

Activate any of our mining contract and start mining.

Mining Contract

Start Earning

Earn and withdraw your cloud mining income daily.

Client Payout

VoskCoin Datacenter

Inside our hands-free crypto mining solution that allows you to mine cryptocurrency conveniently from anywhere.





+ 500K


Optimize Global Service

Generate passive income daily from anywhere in the world.

No Need To Buy Equipment

The best cloud mining hardware is already set up and running. Save the cost of purchasing expensive, bulky hardware or wasting your time setting it up.

Automated Instant Setup

No need to dig into a bunch of hardware documentation, simply create account and start mining!.

Get access to real mining power without any extra effort.

Industry Leading Performance

No matter which package you choose, you are renting the latest technology, which guarantees maximum performance for as long as possible.

99.9% Uptime

Access VoskCoin mining service from any location.

With multiple data center locations, redundant cooling and emergency generators and monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our cloud mining services.

When we created VoskCoin hands-free crypto mining, first of all we tried to think about our customers and the safety of their funds.

Currently we focus 50% on Bitcoin mining while the other half we focus on other profitable minable altcoins.

We sincerely believe that the trend will continue, but the market is constantly undergoing changes and it is possible that this opinion will be revised.

To start mining with us, you must first signup as a member.

After completing the registration process, verify your email and sign in to initiate your initial mining agreement.

Please ensure that any deposits are processed via the client dashboard.

To access your account, use the member username and password provided to you during the sign-up process.

Start Mining

Our mining contract are well-structured investment plans with sustainable daily returns.

Mining Contract

Login to our client dashboard using your account username and password.

In the Client Dashboard :

  • 1). Tap on the "Fund Account".
  • 2). Select the cryptocurrency you want to fund account with.
  • 3). Enter the amount you want to fund.
  • 4). Click on "Make Payment" to generate the deposit address and its QR code.
  • 5). Copy the crypto deposit address or scan its QR code.

Please Note:

Make sure to confirm your deposit for USDT ( TRC-20 and ERC-20) is exactly the same, any deposits through unsupported chains cannot be credited or refunded.

In your External Wallet:

  • Copy and paste the address to your crypto wallet (or scan the QR code) as the receiving address (you can also send it to yourself or your friends by tapping the Share button).
  • Select the amount of crypto you want to deposit and submit/broadcast the transaction. Remember that to transfer ERC-20 tokens, you will need to have some ETH in your wallet to pay the transaction fees.

Where is My Crypto Deposit?

Once the transaction is on the blockchain, it will take the followning number of confirmations for the deposit to appear in your VoskCoin cloud mining account:

  • 3 confirmations for BTC, BCH
  • 5 confirmations for LTC, DOGE, ETH
  • 12 confirmations for USDT

When it does, you will receive an email notification about the successful deposit.

Please Note

  • If a user has submitted a deposit with complete blockchain confirmation and the account is not yet credited, they may contact customer support for assistance in updating their account.
  • In most cases USDT deposits take 1 - 2 hours to be processed, subject to network conditions.

We currently accept Bitcoin and other popular Altcoin cryptocurrencies. A complete list of ways to fund your account can be seen below.

Payment Method

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Tether ERC20
  • Tether TRC20
  • USD Coin
  • Tether BEP20
  • Dash

Login using your account username and password. click on "Start Mining".

  • 1). In the "Start Mining" page.
  • 2). Select desired mining contract.
  • 3). Enter the amount you wish to activate with.
  • 4). Select the cryptocurrency "Account Balance" you wish to pay with from.
  • 6). Click on "Start Mining".
  • 7). Verify and confirm mining contract activation.

When it does, you will receive an email notification about the successful deposit.

Yes, you can activate additional mining contract even when one or more mining contract is still active.

Our cloud mining transactions are handled separately and your daily profit will be available according to the mining contract duration and credited to your available balance at the end of your mining subscription.

Yes, profits are gathered in your account every 24 hours mining duration and you can withdraw them anytime.

A cryptocurrency withdrawal is a transaction of transferring cryptocurrency balance from your VoskCoin mining account to an external address, usually a wallet or an exchange.

When a withdrawal has been requested, it will go into a Processing status and will then be sent to the blockchain.

Once the funds are sent, the withdrawal will be marked as Completed, and you can track it using the provided transaction information on your Withdrawals history.

To make a withdrawal:

  • 1). Navigate to our client dashbaord
  • 2). Cick on "Withdraw Fund"
  • 3). Select "Payment System"
  • 4). Enter the amount.
  • 5). Be sure to include a tag or a memo if needed.
  • 6). Click on "Process Withdrawal".
  • 7). Enter the 2FA authentication code generated.
  • 8). Wait for the withdrawal to be processed.

Automated Withdrawals

  • All Users’ deposits are held in cold storage, for security reasons, however, withdrawal requests - for all cryptos - are automated.
  • In most cases, withdrawals are almost instant and normally should take no longer than 2-3 hours to be processed.

Please Note

  • Without prejudice and subject to the terms of the T&Cs, once your withdrawal request is approved your crypto wallet will be credited instantly after 3 blockchain confirmations.
  • Sometimes, large or unusual withdrawals will require direct administrative approval.


2FA will be required for both addresses whitelisting and initiating crypto withdrawals.

We make money by providing a website and cloud mining hardware resources for cloud mining.

Service charges include all costs associated with cloud mining, including:

  • 1). Energy consumption
  • 2). Cooling
  • 3). Maintenance work
  • 4). Hosting services

You will be automatically charged service charges in your inked funds when applicable transactions are made.

Depending on each mining contract.

Interest on your Voskcoin Mining account is acquired based on the active mining contract and credited to your available balance at the end of your cloud mining subscription.

As soon we send out the coins, the transaction is within the blockchain network waiting for confirmation.

We can assure we send out the transactions with the proper fees but sometimes there are some delays in the blockchain. Unfortunately, we cannot accelerate this process from our end.

Please keep in mind that some wallets only show the transactions once a certain number of blockchain confirmations have been reached.