There are incredibly large amounts of scammers and hackers in the crypto space, due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. It has been extremely important since day 1 to do your research before you buy Bitcoin in Ukraine and the need for analysis is becoming more crucial every single day.

Follow these steps & learn how to easily buy bitcoin in Ukraine safely:

1. Choose the exchange 

Choose your pick from the list of Top crypto exchanges to buy Bitcoin  in Ukraine.

2. Register + KYC

Register on the exchange and go through the KYC process.

The most popular exchanges use automated Know Your Customer services.

3. Deposit fiat & buy bitcoin

Deposit your fiat currency.

Depending on the payment method this step can take minutes, all the way up to 5 business days (for example if you want to deposit with international bank transfer).

Choose debit or credit card payments if you want to skip the funding process and are willing to pay a bit more in fees.

Otherwise, once the money hits your account you are free to purchase BTC.

Below is a list of the top crypto exchanges to purchase bitcoin in Ukraine:

  1. CEX.IO
  2. Coinmama
  3. Kraken
  4. bitpanda
  5. Paxful
  6. LocalBitcoins
  7. KCoin
  8. Changelly
  9. Kuna