Catching up with the LATEST CRYPTO NEWS and it’s HUGE Trump says if you like Cryptocurrency to vote for him, Bitcoin mining farms are switching to become AI data centers, forget Friendtech there’s a new socialfi game, and apparently VCs are stealing retail traders gains?! and more!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Crypto News Catch Up
00:46 Trump on Crypto
01:17 AI & Bitcoin miners?
02:07 Hut8 Price with the AI news!
02:48 Marathon Digital joins S&P Small Cap!
04:08 Cryptocurrency emissions
05:03 GoldShell ALBOX Mining Profitability Update!
07:24 a new SocialFi app?
09:30 BaseGPT = ChatGPT with Privacy!
12:13 RTX4090 Giveaway with MeterBox!
12:45 Bitcoin Mining Statistics Post Halving
15:08 Ton is offering 50% APY in their wallet
15:51 Robinhood is being sued
16:25 GBTC is getting inflows
17:14 Is Coinbase being sued by traders?
18:23 What are institutions doing in crypto?
20:43 DePIN will be the next bubble?
22:08 Will Cryptocurrency keep going up?