VoskCoin Mini Doge II Tails Edition Dogecoin Miner

The Goldshell Mini Doge 2 is a mini ASIC mining rig, it’s a custom little computer that only mines the Scrypt mining algorithm, which means that it is dual mining Dogecoin DOGE and Litecoin LTC at the same time. This Dogecoin miner mines at 420 mh/s or 335 mh/s depending on which mode you choose. If you have a higher electricity cost, the low-power mode is more energy efficient and would likely yield you a better return, or more Dogecoins in your wallet after paying your electricity bill.

Goldshell Mini Doge II VoskCoin Tails Edition PCIE VGA ethernet connections

The Goldshell box miners do not come with a power supplyI would recommend this ATX EVGA power supply to be paired with a Tails Edition Mini Doge II mining rig. You’ll need to 6-pin VGA/PCIE connections to power this ASIC mining rig. You can supply this Goldshell mining rig with internet through an ethernet cable, which is always ideal, but the VoskCoin Tails Edition II also supports WiFi to make Dogecoin mining more accessible.

Goldshell Mini Doge II Tails Edition miner with WiFi antenna

Some people think that VoskCoin gets filthy rich with a limited edition miner collaboration, but these VoskCoin are miners about the same price as the standard Goldshell Mini Doge II miner, and in this scenario, VoskCoin earns less than $30 per miner, so this entire endeavor earns less than $3,000 for VoskCoin. VoskCoin will also receive 7 miners to compensate our team, which brings the total quantity of Goldshell Mini Doge II Tails Edition miners to 107.

Tails Vosk the VoskCoin Dog Doge