Ever thought about utilizing your computer’s hard drives for mining to earn passive income? This is a video guide for how to turn your own computer into a passive income machine, by showing you how to start hard drive mining! Configuring your computer for HDD mining has never been easier!

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Today we are going to have Brynn, one of VoskCoin’s amazing editors, walk through how to set up your computer’s hard drive to mine and earn passive income in cryptocurrency, or more specifically, Chia ($XCH). We’ll walk through step by step how to set up your PC to mine using it’s hard drives. In this guide, we will also review the pros and cons of mining with hard drives, potential mining profitability in bear and bull markets, and the token we are mining, Chia. We’ll also hear from some of the VoskCoin community members on their thoughts on hard drive mining.


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Turning your PC into a passive income machine!
01:45 Getting started with Chia XCH mining
05:16 Chia Official Beginner’s Guide
07:29 Installing Chia Node software
08:41 Setting up a Chia mining pool
10:10 Installing an internal HDD for Chia mining
12:39 How to start plotting to your HDD
17:35 Potential issues with syncing the blockchain
21:42 How to use the Chia farming software
23:45 PC HDD Chia farming profitability
24:29 Syncing the Chia Node faster – Port Forwarding
25:26 Using Remote Plotting for HDDs
26:36 PC HDD mining profitability
28:53 Final thoughts on mining Chia from your PC