FREE CRYPTO AIRDROP YESSSS the Starknet STRK airdrop is here, I told you, it was obvious, so here’s how to claim the Starknet STRK free cryptocurrency airdrop. Starknet has been performing incredible so far, already amassing a billion dollar marketcap.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Starknet airdrop is here!
01:01 How to check if got the Starknet Airdrop!
02:05 What is Starknet?
03:00 How to get a crypto airdrop?
04:49 What is starknet price doing?
05:10 Arbitrum and Starknet prices
06:00 Were to trade STRK?
06:46 Who got the Stark Token?
07:26 TVL and Dapps are exploding on Starknet!
08:46 More airdrops?
09:22 How to trade on Ekubo
10:30 Be careful with providing liquidity!
11:29 Not everyone got the airdrop
12:20 Starknet price is holding strong!