Why YOU Should NOT Buy a Kaspa Miner NOW even if there’s $1,800,000 of new KAS coins mined daily, yes there is a new nearly 2 million dollar ecosystem for Kaspa mining, it is second to only Bitcoin mining in millions mined per day but I have some BAD NEWS for KAS miners!

Kaspa has quickly cemented itself as the 2nd most profitable coin to mine and but people are quickly realizing this and rushing to build small and big kaspa mining farms, and the manufacturers like Bitmain, IceRiver, and this weird new the windminer are making as many ASIC miners as they possibly can to rake in the cash and coin… let’s review the cons of mining kaspa in 2024!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Why you should NOT mine Kaspa!
01:37 Kaspa hashrate rising & block rewards lowering
03:01 Kaspa emissions & mining rig prices
05:22 Is Kaspa going to end like Kadena mining?
07:08 Kaspa KAS vs Kadena KDA
08:27 Kaspa has NO ecosystem!
09:08 Why Kaspa mining could completely crumble!
10:30 Is this all just price manipulation?
12:22 Should you mine Kaspa KAS?