I am losing $1,000s with my mining farm. It has been very expensive to build out the actual mining farm, and now my Digital Shovel MiniPod M300 is not working right, which has made me turn off most of my Bitcoin miners. I am still fighting my electric company to reduce my rates and install 3-phase electricity, which is better for mining rigs…

We’ve hit a number of roadblocks at the VoskCoin Mining Farm lately. The biggest factor being that the Digital Shovel MiniPod keeps going down, and we can’t figure out why. With the Pod only running at half capacity, we are losing a lot of potential mining profits every day.

The rest of our mining infrastructure isn’t set up to a point where we can use it yet, so it’s imperative that we get the Pod fixed and up and running. Luckily, we are still running HDD miners, including Evergreen miners, to get other forms of passive income. We are experiencing other hurdles with the electric company not approving us for three phase yet, weeds, and high temperatures. But now that we are finally moved over to the new farm, we’re hoping to tackle these issues soon.


00:00 I’m losing $1,000s in mining crypto
03:19 My current mining data
06:22 The issue I am facing
09:42 My Hard Drive mining endeavor
12:19 KASPA mining revenue is dropping fast
14:50 I’m really stressed out




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