In connection with the rapid development of the crypto-industry and the growth of the number of its sectors, we decided to make a selection of the most relevant opportunities for earning money in crypto. In general, there are many ways to make money in the cryptosphere, and new ones are constantly appearing. They can be conditionally divided into those that do not require initial capital and those that do.

5 ways to earn money in the crypto that do not require initial financial investments

1. Find a job in the crypto industry

The field of cryptocurrencies has many companies, projects, and startups that are constantly looking for employees of various qualifications all over the world. The obvious advantages are that, in most cases, wages are higher than wages in the real sector; payment takes place directly in cryptocurrency; and also, in some cases, you will be able to have unique access to tokens of potentially promising projects.

2. Giveaways: airdrops, bounties, and ami

Crypto projects take care of creating their community (community) and their subsequent loyalty to the project. That is why it is common practice to hold various kinds of contests, bounties, airdrops, and AMA sessions. All this requires simple actions from the community: reposts, likes, writing reviews, communication in the chat, registration, etc. Instead, the project incentivizes participants with winnings in their cryptocurrency or stablecoins. But it is worth knowing how to select profitable contests so as not to waste time.

3. Play to earn (P2E) — play to earn

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a new way to earn money in video games, where gamers can earn cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens. Some P2E games require players to purchase their cryptocurrency to play. But here you need to pay attention to those projects that require only your time and desire to play, as well as those projects that do not have a token. Most blockchain games give their early adopter’s cryptocurrency for free when they launch.

4. Ambassador programs

Ambassador programs also aim to expand the project community. In the case of ambassadorship, you become “like a representative” of the project. You interact with the audience and act to increase the popularity of the project in which you are an ambassador. You can translate content, be creative, organize offline meetings, follow project chat, and more. This way of earning is a kind of mix between full-time work and participation in bounty programs.

5. Sale of accounts, registrations, and whitelists

This method applies to token sales of projects, which we will talk about a little later in this article. There is usually a lot of hype around the best projects that are going to launch their token soon. The project aims to publicly sell a certain number of tokens, but those willing to buy are tens or even hundreds of times more than the allocated allocations

Allocation — most often used as a designation of the permissible amount of investment in a certain project for one person. That is why projects decide to play these allocations or hold a sale on a platform with a lottery (or qualification system) to select investors. If you won such an opportunity to invest, but you do not have the funds — you can sell “only the opportunity” to another person. Ill will tell you how to find hype projects and register for their token sale in a separate article.

5 ways to make money in the crypto that require initial financial investments

6. Nodes and testnets

Before releasing a crypto-startup to the wider world, developers check its functionality by launching a testnet (test network), which allows them to detect and eliminate possible flaws without loss. After the successful completion of the testnet, the project launches the mainnet (main network) and it’s token. In the best case, the project rewards those who held nodes and maintained the testnet with their tokens. To raise a node, you need minimal technical skills and a certain budget for renting cloud storage (servers). In a separate article, we will analyze the basics of lifting nodes.

7. Sale Token — ICO/IEO/IDO

It is no secret that the best investments are investments in projects at the early stages, in essence, this is venture capital investment. In addition to closed private rounds for funds, projects conduct token sales (crowd sales/public sales ? ICO/IEO/IDO) with favorable terms. This is done to attract funds, but also to build a community and increase the popularity of the project. After the listing on the stock exchange, if the market has overestimated the price of the project, and therefore it is significantly higher than the price of your purchase, you can fix a profit). But, again, not everything is so simple, you need to understand how to analyze projects and on which platforms it is safe to participate in token sales.

8. Trading

In simple words, trading is buying an asset at a lower price and selling it at a higher price. Usually, trading is based on many indicators: liquidity, project potential, project news and updates, technical analysis, etc. It is not recommended to mindlessly trade “because everything is growing” (“or everything is falling”) and it is strictly forbidden to treat trading as a game. A trader is a profession acquired through years of experience.

9. Investment

In general, investing, like trading, involves buying and selling an asset. But investing differs in the horizon of strategy planning, which is usually years. When investing, several strategies are used to hedge risks, averaging the purchase price of an asset (DCA strategy). When investing, you don’t just buy an asset and wait for it to grow, you can also use it to generate passive income — staking, depositing, paying dividends, etc. Investing should be approached even more carefully and responsibly than trading.

10. Deposits and staking

Most cryptocurrencies can be deposited with centralized exchanges (such as Binance) at a certain annual percentage. Just like a traditional bank has floating and fixed deposits. For example, you can put BUSD or USDT stablecoins (similar to the US dollar) on Binance at 10% per annum, and BNB (Binance exchange token) at 0.35%. You can also stake cryptocurrency, both on and off the exchange. Staking in most cases helps to support the work of Proof-of-Stake in the project, and in exchange, the project allocates emission tokens as a reward to its stakers. That deposits and staking are passive means of earning in the cryptosphere, but you need to carefully choose an exchange and a project you trust.

In the article, I’ve superficially considered the main ways of earning money in the cryptosphere, which anyone can do. Each method will be considered separately in more detail. There are many more ways to earn in crypto, but all of them will require better competence — mining, farming, landing, complex operations and speculation, algo-trading, etc. In conclusion, I would like to remind you that many ways of making money in crypto are high-risk operations, which is why it is always necessary to carefully weigh every step.