During the last few years, cryptocurrency has actively attracted new people, investors, funds, etc., offering appealing opportunities as investment instruments. Over the years, such a market is becoming more dynamic, constantly growing and updating. In 2024, low-cost assets may become popular, as they are the ones that attract newcomers. In addition, there are also fundamental projects capable of showing strong growth in a new bull run. Below, let’s analyze new crypto projects for 2024, in which you can invest a share of funds.

Should you invest in cryptocurrencies?

The first thing to note is that only free resources should be invested, without using borrowed resources. Approach the selection of projects correctly, making balanced decisions, which are formed without the opinion of the crowd and emotional outbursts. Before investing, it is important to understand the pros and cons of a particular asset, project, and ecosystem as a whole.

Among the typical advantages of investing in cryptocurrency, we will highlight:

  1. High returns on the instruments: Although the market of crypto-assets is very volatile, fundamentally the projects increase in value and help to multiply the initial capital significantly in a small period of time.
  2. Low costs: This advantage is caused by the openness and decentralization of markets without a large infrastructure of intermediaries. As a result, commissions are minimal if compared with other tools for investment.
  3. The ease of financial transactions: Buying and selling can be done by any convenient methods, without a licensed intermediary.
  4. Almost no risk of inflation: Conventional currency is subject to inflation and other factors that can cause a collapse at any time. Cryptocurrency has protection against inflation in the form of a blockchain.
  5. Minimum amounts to invest: The entry threshold can be anything, so beginners don’t need large capitals to buy assets.
  6. Anonymity: There is no need to disclose personal information when making financial transactions, and the transfers themselves are much faster than in banks, etc.

These are just some of the main advantages for owning and investing in cryptocurrencies. It is important to understand additionally the possible risks and methods of identifying promising projects before any purchase of assets.

Possible Risks

New crypto coins in 2024, like before, are exposed to a lot of risks. No one can say 100% which project will make an investor rich or leave him/her without initial capital. This rule applies not only to new cryptocurrencies but also to those who have been on the market since 2017 and before.

The main risks associated with digital funds are as follows:

  1. The likelihood of assets being banned in certain countries.
  2. Problems with taxation: In some states, people need to calculate their own taxes and profits from the purchase/sale of cryptocurrencies. Not complying with the legal requirements, there is administrative responsibility with impressive amounts of fines.
  3. Loss of confidence in the project or scam ecosystem, individual coins, exchanges: Problems with security and hackers. Asset trading platforms, wallets, and other means of storage often get hacked.

To add to the last point, there are quite a few options for storing coins. These can be low-security online or mobile wallets, where it’s recommended to leave a small fraction of funds that are actively used in trading operations. Hardware devices are much more reliable, but the loss of seed and passwords threatens to lose all funds. It is impossible to prove the asset’s ownership without this information; passwords and passphrase are not recoverable if they are forgotten. The third solution would be an exchange wallet – suitable for many users. They have optimal protection, it is possible to restore access, but the exchange should be selected carefully for reliability.

Identifying promising projects

If you plan to trade actively (trading) for a short distance, it is important to learn the basics of technical analysis, conduct back-tests, etc. People who want to invest funds, buy new projects for the long term, have to consider other factors:

  1. The possible benefits of the assets to people: Many market participants are often attracted by the speed and ease of transactions, anonymity, and security. In addition, the cryptocurrency should have its own advantages, characteristic features that distinguish the coin from competitors.
  2. Reputation of developers: Any scandals and negative news of the project can cause the collapse of the quotes and vice versa, active development, coordinated team, experience – can talk about reliability and causes trust.
  3. The age of the asset: It is very difficult to determine the future movement of a token if it has just appeared. It can significantly increase the initial capital of the investor but can simply disappear from the market as a result of a bear market.
  4. Active Computing: An asset’s community is greater the more users a particular asset has. It is difficult to make projects better, more successful without it, and it is difficult to expect growth from cryptocurrency without high-quality support.
  5. World, economic, and other events.

These are general recommendations to choose new cryptocurrency projects for 2024 correctly. Below, let’s break down the TOP projects that you can pay attention to to increase your capital by several times.

TOP crypto new projects

New crypto in the digital environment is always characterized by great growth potential, especially if there is a strong team, fundamental characteristics and benefits behind it. Once the asset enters the market, it will have a small capitalization, which gives the opportunity to grow quickly in the future. Among new projects, we recommend the following options.

Wall Street Memes

The project is popular among investors. Wall Street Memes has already raised more than $900,000, but the pre-sale of tokens is not over yet. It’s a meme coin that has been in high demand in recent years. It has support from Ilon Musk, an active community, so the asset may show similar growth as Pepecoin, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

There is no real benefit from the cryptocurrency, but the chances of success are high. This is made possible by a simple ideology. Right on the website of the project, you can see that the asset wants to change the usual kind of market.

The most promising of today’s meme-coins, which is capable of overtaking Shibu Inu and PePe in popularity. Source.

The main advantages are:

  • You can see by the tokenomics that the community will not keep the assets for itself.
  • Low price during presale, which makes it possible for anyone to purchase the asset.
  • The company is not new, it has been on the market for a long time and its products are successful.

The peculiarity of Wall Street Memes – honesty and transparency. 50% of the total issue (2 billion) is available during pre-sale. The remaining 20 percent will be used to support liquidity on exchanges and 30 percent will be used to reward users.

Love Hate Inu

Another meme asset, a new cryptocurrency in 2024, which is already available in pre-sale. The coin was developed to provide people with unique experiences in the digital world. The LHINU token is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) aims to completely change the online survey market. In comparison to other meme-coins, this asset is beneficial and will not burn out in a few months or a market cycle. The platform gives users a place to share their own opinions.

The first Vote-to-Earn crypto project, with a promising token in pre-sale. Source.

Among the features, we note the unique voting methodology, which helps the community to talk about any topic, create unique surveys. In addition, there are opportunities for steaking, which provides passive income.

The team is actively engaged in development, attracting well-known brands, meta-universes, which will help in the future to expand opportunities, increasing the value of the project itself. The cryptocurrency has gained popularity in social networks, and for 3 weeks of pre-sale were attracted 4 million dollars.

Among the pluses we will highlight:

  • Ethereum blockchain with transparent voting.
  • 90% of the tokens will be held by community members.
  • Clear menu of the platform.
  • Wide distribution of koin, due to the fact that it is a meme.
  • Real-time steaking.

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) supports the Vote-to-Earn model.


DeeLance (DLANCE) is a DEX platform designed for freelancers. It has a meta-universe and its own token, and the platform’s blockchain-based operation gives a high degree of security and transparency as freelancers and customers work.

Web3 meta-universe project for freelancers with a transparent economy and promising cryptocurrency. Source.

Such a development enables two parties to cooperate through a virtual zone, using the workspace. DLANCE tokens can be spent on renting a workspace, advertising your own services or making purchases. The platform is characterized by low commissions, giving high payment speed and data privacy. In addition, platform members receive bonuses for using the platform, which adds to the benefits.

The cryptocurrency is new and available on presale. A total of 100 million coins are planned to be issued, 70% of which will be available for purchase.

The main advantages of the asset and platform are:

  • Security and transparency, which is achieved through blockchain, reducing possible fraud schemes.
  • Low commissions, which simplifies the work of freelancers and customers, without the use of intermediaries.
  • Fast payment. Inside the platform, all transactions are convenient, fast.
  • Additional bonuses for using the platform.

Over the past few years, the freelance movement has gained a lot of popularity, and the freedom to choose how to earn money, convenient hours, and other benefits are something that a lot of people are choosing. The DeeLance project strives to eliminate the disadvantages of classic freelancing in the form of high competition and exchange monopoly. The integration of this direction into Web3 gives an opportunity to create a platform for fair and honest earnings. As a result, the creators are planning to launch a full-fledged meta universe where a performer and a customer will not only discuss ideas and work on their realization, but will also be able to buy a virtual office, start advertising their own services, etc.


A “green” project working on the Recycle-to-Earn principle. The founders want to become a leader in the field of ecology. The platform token – Ecoterra gives the opportunity to receive funds through recycling. It is possible to invest in eco-projects. All you have to do is scan the product code, walk up to the container machine and upload a photo of the receipt, which will give you an ecosystem token in return.

A unique crypto-project that aims to build a full-cycle processing economy. Source.

The company is starting to work actively to attract supermarkets as partners, launching apps to donate waste for recycling, and building relationships with giants like Nestlé, Evian, Pepsi, Fanta and Peroni.

A similar approach could be introduced to the meta universe in the future to improve user interaction and enable participation in environmental initiatives.

Investing in Ecoterra is a great choice, especially for those who care about the environment. The presale allows you to buy the asset cheaper than it will go out to the markets and the main pluses are as follows:

  • The direction of the project is to protect the environment, encouraging people to take part and care about the environment.
  • Partnership with global brands, large corporations.
  • Availability of tokens in the form of remuneration, which gives economic efficiency of the whole project.
  • Secure and transparent financial transactions using blockchain.
  • Possibility to implement in the meta-universe.
  • The real benefits of cryptocurrency.
  • Different options for earning within the site.
  • The attractiveness of the new cryptocurrency for investing in 2024.

The branded app works on the type of tare acceptance machines. They’re found in a variety of marketplaces and waste pickup locations in many parts of the world. The app also gives out project tokens for surrendering plastic, glass bottles, tin, etc. People with assets can use them under steaming for additional income, investment purposes or instant sales.

Arkham Intelligence

Arkham Intelligence is a platform that de-anonymizes transactions in the blockchain, revealing wallet owners, exchanges, and funds. The project was launched in 2020 and has attracted $12 million in investments since then.

To recognize and analyze data on the blockchain, Arkham uses an artificial intelligence-based solution called Ultra. The engine collects transactions from the most popular networks, such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, or Binance Smart ChaiARKM Allocation the platform via Profiler.

Profiler qualifies the information in four ways:

  • Portfolio. Historical data on the blockchain showing all the assets an address owns, grouped by token and blockchain.
  • Historical metrics. Balance sheet chronology, as well as loss and return statistics.
  • Counterparties. Interactions with exchanges as well as other wallets.
  • Transactions. Data on previous transfers across all blockchain networks.

ARKM is an Arkham Intel Exchange service token that acts as a reward for tasks such as finding hedge funds, exchanges, and influencers. The total supply of ARKM is 1 billion tokens, of which 150 million are in circulation.


ARKM Allocation. Source

According to BTCC Academy’s forecast, ARKM will cross the $1 mark in 2025 and possibly reach $4 by 2030. Bitnation takes a similarly optimistic view of the token, expecting ARKM to be worth $1.97 and $4.55 in 2025 and 2030, respectively.

When deciding to invest in new cryptocurrency projects in 2024, keep DYOR in mind!


Scamfari is a crowdsourcing platform that is part of the HAPI Foundation, a cybersecurity organization. Scamfari’s goal is to make the blockchain more resistant to fraud by detecting and building a database of potentially dangerous addresses.

Anyone who finds a suspicious address or becomes a victim of fraud can enter the wallet address and other information about the attacker on the platform and receive a reward. Scamfari’s working principle:

  • Get the address of the scammer
  • Take a screenshot or provide any other proof that this address is fraudulent
  • Authorize the platform and create a complaint
  • Think of a nickname you would like to use. Your nickname will be displayed on the leaderboard.
  • Complete the rest of the registration steps
  • Submit the address of the scammer along with the relevant proof

The more entries you have, the higher your chances of getting into the leaderboard and getting prizes. The total reward amount is 1k USDT and is distributed every two weeks to the top 5 hunters.

SCM is the project’s native token used to manage and reward users. You can buy it on the centralized exchange WhiteBIT or on Uniswap on the Ethereum network.

SCM Tokenomics. Source.

SCM’s total offering is 100 billion. The project allocated 10% of the tokens as part of the WhiteBIT Launchpad distribution, which took place on August 21, 2023. During the event, users received 20% of this share, while the remaining 80% will be distributed over a 12-month period starting March 4, 2024.

By investing in new cryptocurrencies in 2024 like SCM or ARKM, you not only have a chance to make money but also improve the blockchain ecosystem. Arkham helps track and analyze fraudulent activity on the network, while Scamfari makes it public and collects it in one place.


The AiDoge (Ai) platform is made to combine AI with memes. The project has applied the best of artificial intelligence to get trending memes on people’s requests. It’s in the early pre-sales stage now. Over $220,000 has already been invested.

A project with great promise, allowing you to create memes using a neural network and earn money from NFT. Source.

Pros of the project:

  • The current trend for memes and AI tools.
  • The ability to convert memes to NFT, which adds value and the ability to trade on open markets.

With the help of AI tools it is possible to get creative memes according to the latest trends. To get started, credits will be required, which are purchased with an Ai token. Within the site, there are staking and other rewards for passive income.


Modern man is becoming more and more concerned about his health and lifestyle. People are adding more sports and the industry itself has gone a lot further. FightOut is a metaverse project with a Move-to-Earn model. The main goal is to motivate users to lead a healthy life with gamification tools, rewards. The platform has its own FGHT token and the benefits of the development are as follows:

  • Gamification of the workout process, which gives addictiveness, motivation for new achievements.
  • Plans to integrate gyms for sports.
  • Earning rewards in the form of tokens through certain tasks within the meta universe.
  • Ability to make your own training programs with individual rewards.

The best presales project of the year. Source.

Each participant can find personalized workout regimens, diets, and innovative movement tracking techniques. The project will have a mobile app with full functionality to monitor challenging workouts. All users will have an NFT avatar showing their achievements in life projected on a digital hero.

Fight Out stands out from the M2E space with numerous features. Source.


A new project that can provide electric car owners with a unique experience for making payments. The site’s token is CCHG. The investors who have invested in the asset at the beginning have already received more than 20% returns, but that’s just the beginning.

The main benefits of the development are:

  • A unique idea with benefits for people.
  • The amount of investment in the company is constantly growing.
  • Investors are already receiving income.

A project involving the creation of a payment system for charging electric cars using cryptocurrency. Source.

The creators have developed an app where car charging goes more smoothly and is rewarded with tokens, which were previously only offered to large corporations. The software can track geolocation, showing real-time queues at gas stations, charger malfunctions, etc.

Metropoly (METRO)

Despite rising inflation, the real estate industry is booming. Not everyone can invest in real estate due to the high entry threshold. Project Metropoly is a revolutionary solution.

The developers want to solve the problem by giving people a completely new market based on NFT. This solution will help people invest in real estate with less starting capital. The minimum investment threshold is from $100, which is available through a fractional structure. These investments do not need intermediaries or banks or other authorities. Blockchain is used for operation. The platform has its own METRO token.

A new blockchain real estate investment project with a huge potential. Source.

Any person, investing at least $100 each with fractional investment, will be able to be a co-owner of a house in New York or Malibu and other regions with the project. The creators take care of the little things, which include finding tenants, property maintenance, etc. Investors receive a portion of the income, given a percentage of the investment.


A complete ecosystem that allows anyone to contribute to improve the future of the planet. IMPT tokens can be purchased or earned within the platform through simple purchases from partners.

The home page of the IMPT project. Source.

The program has a point system for earning points. The points earned can be exchanged for credits in the future, and they can be burned to collect NFTs or sell them.

Some of the pluses include:

  • Making profits from trading the native token.
  • Multiple options for earning cryptocurrency.
  • Trading NFT and carbon credits.

Getting started on the platform is through registration, after which the entire list of partner projects and access to NFT markets is opened.


A full-fledged cryptocurrency construction game with NFT robots. Each participant is given many opportunities and their own continent. Development in the game gives new opportunities to earn. The meta universe will help players create their own games, concerts, quests, and rewards. The TARO token is mined within the game platform.

The pros of the platform are:

  • TARO token mining.
  • Extensive opportunities to work with the character.
  • The presence of rewards for exploring areas and completing tasks.
  • Similarity with Sandbox.

RobotEra is based on the P2E model. At the beginning of the game the user gets an NFT robot for further exploration. Any actions are rewarded with their own token, it can be exchanged for real money.

NFT robots in an apocalyptic P2E meta-universe game. Source.


In 2022, many cryptocurrency fans have noticed the emergence of an asset called TAMA. This is the Tamadoge project, which you can invest a small amount of capital in for 2024 for a number of reasons:

  • The ecosystem has its own game with a P2E model. Income is provided in the game world by developing characters and completing certain tasks.
  • Ability to work with in-game NFTs that have a unique character.
  • Augmented reality integration and other features attract users who love games.
  • The economy is characterized by stability, token burning is carried out.
  • Large prize pools per game are available.
  • Part of the tokens is used for further development of the project.

A competitor to Dogecoin with an elaborate game universe and a variety of earning opportunities. Source.

TAMA Coin is already available on some exchanges, paired with ETH or USDT. Among the main advantages we should mention the zero commissions for using the project’s asset for transactions and different methods of earning.

Battle Infinity

The platform gives the opportunity to play and earn with the help of blockchain and meta-universes. It gives people a decentralized experience, ownership of items within the ecosystem.

The main features of the development are:

  • Automatic betting – passive income from blockchain tokens.
  • Automatic liquidity in the pool, which helps stabilize the price of coins.
  • Proceeds from commission costs are used to refine, optimize and improve the project.
  • Anti Dump feature eliminates strong pressure on tokens, protecting investors’ funds.

Tokenomics of a project offering Fantasy Sports games. Source.

Lucky Block

Not too long ago, you could see the emergence of the LBN cryptocurrency, which investors quickly liked. It was created for a global gaming platform. The platform itself is characterized by the following advantages:

  • No geographical boundaries.
  • The ability to play a fair lottery.
  • Attracting a large number of participants, which helps significantly increase the prize pool.

Investing in an asset is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Participating in a lottery where there are instant payouts and many additional prizes.
  • Winnings from each jackpot.
  • Opportunity to get passive income just for keeping tokens in your wallet.
  • Influence on the site by voting.

A platform enabling you to participate in games with prize drawings. Source.


The project has already been launched and the Galeon community has grown significantly since then. The basic idea is to simplify patient care with electronic medical records. If a person agrees, they are trained inside the platform using a special AI algorithm which analyzes and learns medical data. The project has its own Galeon token, which is used to fund it. It’s a long-term idea for investment. More than 10 hospitals around the world are using the development. In addition to helping patients and providing solutions for hospitals, the project fully protects personal information through HDP.

The goal of the development is to improve and speed up the process of medical research. Source.

Any investor sooner or later begins to think where to invest, given the latest trends in the world of cryptocurrency and digital markets in general.

Today, interesting assets have almost the same parameters:

  • Integration with the meta-universe. Blockchain-based projects connect virtual worlds into a single space. People can freely interact, perform transactions with digital assets, and create their own projects.
  • Cryptocurrency benefits. This includes assets that actually have a use in the world. For example, payments for services within the platform, discounts, bonuses, etc.
  • Assets for individual lines of business. Such ecosystems are being introduced into major business areas to get a sought-after product with the perks of blockchain.
  • Coins for environmental protection. Cryptocurrency can be used to fund environmental developments or reward certain tasks. Assets of this type are getting high popularity for 2024.

The described trends will help to reduce the range of tokens one wants to buy in 2024. The examples of projects and cryptocurrencies described in the article are bright representatives of the trend. They include useful developments, popular memes, which are not beneficial for humanity, but have the potential to multiply capital. Most are available on presale, so you can invest at a discounted price.

Experienced analysts and investors recommend exploring and investing in several assets, diversifying your own risks. Among the most promising new projects for 2024 stand out coins HINU, FGHT, CCHG and TARO. They have innovative features, proper usage of blockchain and a development team that can be trusted.