With Bitcoin mining generating over $40 million daily, it’s no surprise that this industry stands as one of the most profitable globally.

Major mining farms are pouring billions into BTC mining operations, and I’m excited to announce my own venture into Bitcoin mining. You can now purchase Bitcoin miners through our platform!

Admittedly, the prospect of purchasing more Bitcoin miners at my current electricity rate amidst the BTC halving is daunting.

However, as they say, fortune favors the bold. I’m devising strategies to mitigate my electrical costs by exploring 3-phase industrial rates and constructing a solar farm to produce on-site electricity for my Bitcoin miners. The question remains: will I acquire more Bitcoin miners in 2024, or will I maximize the potential of the BTC ASIC mining rigs I already own?

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Bitcoin mining and the halving!
01:24 Bitcoin Mining Emission
02:04 The best cheapest miner you could buy right now
02:38 Where you could buy these miners?
03:17 My situation in the Voskcoin Bitcoin Farm
04:43 Is it profitable to mine Bitcoin now?
08:45 Is it profitable to mine Bitcoin after the halving?
11:17 An Opportunity to get in Early, Quantum Expedition
12:45 My plans for the Voskcoin Farm
14:17 What should you buy, the S21 or the T21