Bitcoin mining is becoming super profitable as Bitcoin continues to increase in price but the Bitcoin mining landscape is rapidly changing, so what are the best BTC miners to maximize gains, and BTC mining stocks could be a BIG stocks return for 2024!

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$40m dollars in Bitcoins are mined per day, so let’s review the latest bitcoin mining news, as BTC mining impacts all Bitcoin traders, investors, and hodlers!


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00:00 Bitcoin mining is exciting!
00:53 Bitcoin mining has doubled in profitability!
01:42 Using the Braiins Bitcoin Pool
02:30 The Voskcoin Box set Meter box Charity cause!
04:08 How to Invest in a Bitcoin mining farm?
05:02 How good is the whatsminer M60S?
06:37 Heating using bitcoin miners
06:50 What to do if your miner breaks?
08:17 Jack Dorsey an OCEAN mining and god?
10:25 Tether investing into bitcoin mining
11:27 Is Tether manipulating the price of Bitcoin?
11:54 Bitcoin ETF and microstrategy
12:55 Go big or go home?