The Epic control board upgrades Bitcoin miners to earn more passive income mining more Bitcoins with enhancing mining capabilities ALL WITH NO DEV FEE, yes the epic ASIC miner control board, has no built-in fees other than the cost to buy one, let’s review if it’s worth buying though!

Maximizing your Bitcoin mining profitability and efficiency is critical for Bitcoin miners, and all of the customizing options the Epic control board and firmware enable better bitcoin mining.


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 ePIC UMC Control Board review
01:22 Why I chose the ePIC UMC for my S19J
03:17 Miner control board installation
05:01 ePIC UMC Board compatibility & firmware
07:11 Braiins BCB vs ePIC UMC
09:37 Efficiency increase with the ePIC UMC board
11:02 Setting up the ePIC UMC dashboard
14:03 ePIC support for M30 & M50 series
15:01 ePIC UMC data analytics
16:31 Community experience with ePIC UMC boards
19:18 Is the ePIC UMC worth installing?