Industrial grade liquid cooling immersion mining for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Kadena miners! Today we are installing the 6 miner and 2-3 miner immersion mining systems from BiXBiT in hopes of increasing our mining profitability and mining rig longevity.

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Previously we have installed the DCX immersion mining system, and Fog Hashing immersion mining system, and today we are installing 2 BiXBiT immersion mining systems. Liquid-cooling your Bitcoin and other ASIC miners leads to higher overclocking capabilities, increased mining profitability, low noise, clean, and cooler mining rigs potentially.

This is our review video, with a lot of immersion mining tips, tricks, and tutorial content along the way, everything we learned, we worked hard to share it in this video so hopefully you have a smoother and better experience setting up your immersion mining kits, let’s review these BiXBiT Cells for immersion mining, specifically the BiXBiT 6 cell and 2-3 cell, which hold up to 6 ASIC mining rigs, or up to 24 GPUs for immersion mining with graphics cards!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Working on the bitcoin mining farm
01:04 Setting up the Bixbit immersion system
04:00 Setting up the super strut for the dry coolers
05:00 Getting lunch and supplies
06:30 Two Bixbit immersion systems
07:10 Setting up the dry coolers
08:44 Setting up electricity for the bixbit immersion system
12:00 Bixbit is expert level
13:09 Installing the dry coolers is taking longer than expected
17:13 Finishing the dry coolers
16:46 Installing the plumbing
21:44 Sealing the plumbing
23:21 Different types of components on the Bixbit systems
30:00 Wiring the pump
32:00 Installing the pumps
35:00 Wiring problems
39:00 What is the thermo relay
40:00 To anchor or not to anchor
43:00 How does the Bixbit immersion system work?
46:06 Testing the system for leaks
49:55 It keeps leaking
50:38 Where to get immersion / Dielectric fluid
51:50 Connections not sealing
53:38 Redoing all the connections again
01:00:00 Leaks keep on leaking
01:04:00 Putting more stuff on to stop the leaks
01:06:00 Putting the BTC miners in the immersion fluid
01:09:00 The breaker is tripping
01:10:26 Multiple leaks morale is low
01:11:42 Bixbit continued to help and problem-solve
01:13:13 Finally it’s working!
01:15:39 What do we think of the Bixbit system?
01:20:50 Very efficient immersion system usage
01:23:12 It is Difficult to install
01:24:49 Thanks to BMA Enterprises – Crypto Division for helping out!
01:26:00 This took way longer than expected
01:27:50 Immersion mining is really cool!