Bridge Trust is your one-stop cryptocurrency exchange that also supports DeFi dapps like Uniswap! With Bridge Trust, you can easily start buying, storing, and converting cryptocurrency. What sets it apart is that it even provides you with your private keys!

What makes Bridge Trust truly stand out is its status as a licensed and regulated trust company. They undergo numerous audits and penetration tests to ensure the utmost safety and security. By implementing 2FA, Bridge Trust’s primary aim is to safeguard your crypto accounts without making it overly complex.

Bridge Trust has established strategic partnerships with industry giants like Sardine and Front Finance to create a secure and user-friendly experience. You can access Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC all within the BridgeVault ecosystem, ensuring you never have to leave their platform. It’s important to note that Bridge Trust proudly declares itself a qualified custodian, adhering to the requirement of holding customer assets in segregated accounts on a 1-to-1 basis. Please be aware that KYC verification is mandatory to access Bridge Trust’s transaction features.


Video Timestamps

00:00 Bridge Trust is a one-stop-shop for DeFi
00:34 Bridge Trust Vault
01:07 A centralized platform with no seed phrases?
02:36 Bridge Trust is a KYC Platform
03:00 What Locations does BridgeTrust support?
04:12 What are the Fees associated with Bridge Trust?
05:23 Bridge Trust also has institutional support!
05:59 Bridge Trust Team
07:52 How to use Bridge Trust
08:42 Bridge Trust is Regulated
09:18 Bridge Trust’s Mission