If you came here looking for an easy and quick way to buy Bitcoin, then allow me to break it down for you, one of the easiest ways to do it is through BitMart.

First things first:

How to Buy any Crypto using your Credit/Debit Card and PayPal at BitMart

Step 1: Log in to your BitMart account and click “Buy Coins”.

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Step 2: Choose the payment method that fits you. You can buy coins via Credit/Debit Card (most VISA and MasterCard are accepted), Bank Transfer, PayPal, and more. Up to 42 fiat currencies including USD, EUR and CAD are supported.

Fees and commissions:

BitMart charges: (these amounts and values may vary, you can check the always-updated list of fees on their fee page)

Haven’t registered at BitMart yet? What are you waiting for, follow this link and start trading today?

Key Features of BitMart

BitMart cryptocurrency exchange has a plethora of attractive features. Unlike others, it is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange that offers better services than others. Read below the key features:-

1. Responsive and convenient trading experience suited to beginners and intermediate traders.

2. BitMart exchange offers a Spot market feature that allows users to pair over 90 cryptocurrencies against BTC, ETH, USDT, and BMX tokens.

3. Real-time platform data and charting to trade popular altcoins.

4. BitMart app allows users to monitor portfolios and access trade from anywhere.

5. For safety, 99% of funds in BitMart are stored in offline cold wallets to protect users’ funds.

6. The lending program offered on cryptos such as USDC allows users to earn up to a 6.25% annualized interest rate.

7. High-quality blockchain projects to launch efficiently through BitMart Shooting Star.

8. The platform offers referrals up to 30% and an affiliate program to earn rewards for bringing in new traders.

9. It charges reasonable trading fees, competitive fees, and other remunerations.

10. A complete training and education guidebook to help upcoming cryptocurrency traders.