Would You Be More Inclined to Mine Bitcoin with Hard Drives?

Would you be more inclined to mine Bitcoin if it were mined with hard drives? This would mean a Bitcoin mining rig would use around 100 watts, similar to running your laptop, instead of the current power-hungry BTC ASIC miners. Drew Vosk sits down with Dylan Rose, who has created easy-to-use HDD miners called Evergreen Miners.


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Dylan rose cofounder of the chia evergreen farmer
01:50 Why is the Chia a good blockchain
04:50 Making mining accessible
07:30 Taking power back
10:13  Everyone can have a low power miner in their house
13:15  Crypto is a sword for you sovereignty
16:45  Are there ASICS for chia
20:50 Is Chia better than filecoin?
22:10 Using the evergreen app
23:30 The OG Voskcoin Tri Miner
25:08 What is the future of chia and evergreen
31:00 Decentralised vs Decentralised
34:40 Why Farm chia?
37:22 interacting with blockchain