Earning over $35 per day in passive income, the Elphapex DG1 is about to take over Dogecoin mining, which results in about $3m of daily mining profitability, since its merge mined with Litecoin, Bitcoins little brother!

Dogecoin mining is more profitable than Kaspa mining, only 2nd to Bitcoin mining, and DOGE miners also mine Litecoin LTC which has always been a profitable cryptocurrency to mine. So the Elphapex DG 1 came out of nowhere but its now the best SCRYPT ASIC miner! Let’s review it, in my initial testing, I was surprised good and bad, with this new Elphapex dg1 mining rig..

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 I bought the most profitable Dogecoin miner
01:15 What is the ElphaPex DG1 miner?
06:57 ElphaPex DG1 initial performance stats
08:45 ElphaPex DG1 performance
12:53 ElphaPex DG1 mining profitability
16:02 ElphaPex DG1 have long boot times
17:35 Resellers are picking up ElphaPex DG1
18:18 ElphaPex DG1 mining profitability update
18:57 Is this a good miner?