I earned $130 yesterday using a custom-built computer called an ASIC miner to earn passive income by mining cryptocurrencies. Technically, it’s an IceRiver KS3M Kaspa KAS miner, but I receive payouts in Bitcoin (BTC).

Kaspa KAS mining is experiencing rapid changes, with mining rewards fluctuating. However, the bottom line is that these are currently the most profitable miners you can purchase. KAS ASICs are likely to be both the most expensive and most profitable ASIC mining rigs you can buy in 2024 as well. The IceRiver KS3M has proven to be an excellent machine so far. I mined about $130 worth of Kaspa on Nicehash, and the payout was in Bitcoin (BTC). Even a couple of days later, mining rewards are decreasing, but this miner is still earning well over $100 a day. Given the price point, it’s performing admirably!



⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 I bought the KS3M Kaspa ASIC miner
04:19 Mining KASPA on Nicehash and getting paid in BTC
05:50 KASPA is a strong bear market performer
06:18 Where to buy and sell KASPA?
07:34 Where to Buy the Iceriver KS3M Kaspa Miner
10:00 How profitable is mining KASPA on the KS3M?
12:18 Selling shovels in goldrush?
13:09 How is My KS1 Kaspa miner doing?
13:46 Is the KS0 still profitable?
14:22 Hashrate is growing rapidly
15:03 Crazy profitable but risky?
15:52 Tails turned 8!