I put this computer in liquid to earn more! It’s called immersion mining, and it’s basically liquid cooling for customized ASIC computers that mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and also in my case, Dogecoin, and Kadena!

I have been expanding my Bitcoin and crypto mining farm to earn more passive income, and immersion mining while daunting at first, has become a lot easier and much more lucrative for me!

Buy your own Immersion Kit here – https://voskco.in/fh


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 KA3 171 THS kadena ASICminer
01:00 Dedicated altcoin immersion tank
02:30 Last call to buy miners?
05:60 Testing the miner before putting it in immersion liquid
07:45 How to prepare your ASIC miners for immersion mode
13:13 Putting antminers in the immersion tank
16:14 Not enough immersion fluid?
21:00 Kadena immersion mining is working!
23:00 Pump trouble?
25:00 Bixbit performance
26:30 Another day on the farm!