Here’s how to set up the IceRiver Kaspa miners, in particular my new IceRiver KS2 which is earning over $40 per day mining Kaspa the 2nd most profitable coin to mine after Bitcoin?!

By the end of this video you will know if its worth buying a kaspa miner, the best kaspa miner to buy, how to set up and use an IceRiver ASIC miner especially the IceRiver KS2 mining rig and how to troubleshoot kaspa mining pool issues, and hopefully you enjoy this VoskCoin IceRiver KS2 setup guide tutorial, real-world mining profitability, and review!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 IceRiver KS2 Unboxing
01:30 VoskCoin Meter Box
01:43 Altair Mining PDU
02:05 IceRiver KS2 Specifications
03:52 IceRiver KS2 Setup Tutorial
08:11 IceRiver KS2 mining profitability
11:11 Kaspa KAS Network Hashrate
11:53 Kaspa Halving and Emission Schedule
12:53 How much Kaspa mined per day
13:39 Where to buy an IceRiver ASIC miner?
16:21 What is the best Kaspa miner to buy?
16:42 IceRiver KS2 pool rejections troubleshooting
22:54 What is Kaspa KAS cryptocurrency
24:12 is the IceRiver KS2 worth it? VoskCoin Review