Insane passive income progress, working tirelessly to build my business, here’s what I am doing to increase my passive income, and how you can earn more passive income too!

My interest in Bitcoin mining, Dogecoin mining, and other crypto mining, is all rooted in earning more passive income, being in cryptocurrencies instead of fiat like USD which plummets in value thanks to inflation due to our scammy governments… I am building the VoskCoin mining farm, and pouring my heart and soul into this, along with trying to make the best how to and review videos on VoskCoin YouTube! Anyway, here’s the latest mining farm build progress and passive income developments in the pursuit of financial freedom!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 A day at the VoskCoin mining farm!
07:14 Installing an intake vent on the Immersion Shed
09:27 Putting in a fan on the shed
13:33 New ethernet cables & MiniPod repairs
16:34 Fixing Immersion cells VFD settings
21:02 Current status of the Immersion Mining Shed!
26:28 Digital Shovel MiniPod update
28:34 Random VoskCoin shed updates
31:04 Exciting expansion of the farm coming soon!