IronFish is committing to their existing GPU mining community with their new FishHash mining algorithm to keep GPU mining profitable and interesting in 2024 with their privacy cryptocurrency coin!

While ASIC Mining is the main focus of our farm due to profitability, GPU Mining will always hold a special place in our hearts. IronFish and their Proof of Work (POW) $IRON coin is a top 20 mineable token by daily emissions. Privacy coins have their place in crypto, and we are a huge advocate of privacy and transparency in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The market cap of Iron Fish has been sitting around $40-50M. Ironfish is mineable on F2Pool.

Ironfish’s hard fork just happened, so let’s review Iron Fish, their project, their hard fork, and how to learn more!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Iron Fish changes their algorithm
01:08 How much money are ironfish miners making?
02:30 What is the Iron Fish crypto?
03:30 What is the Iron Fish coin price doing?
05:00 When is the Hard fork?
05:50 Iron fish design
06:30 How is GPU mining doing these days?
08:10 What are Fpga miners?
08:50 Levelling the playing field between different kind of hardware
11:00 Why use iron fish?
12:18 Gpu mining opportunity?
14:30 Tails the GPU miner O.G.