A mini miner for earning passive income mining at home, I am intrigued! But is the Goldshell HS Box II, which is the successor to the Goldshell HS Box 1, actually worth it? It mines Handshake HNS and Siacoin SC, but those coins can easily be traded into Bitcoin!

Buy a miner here – https://voskco.in/am

Learn more about ECOS here – https://voskco.in/k2x


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 We just got the HS Box II by Goldshell
01:51 Handshake and Siacoin Market Cap, Price and Emissions
04:27 How to set up the Goldshell HS Box II
06:48 HS Box II Specifications and Power Usage
08:40 Goldshell HS Box II profitability
12:22 Is the Goldshell HS Box II a good miner for you?