This is what they don’t want you to know about these miners because, after THIS, they won’t be the lucrative investment they appear to be. Uninformed miners will be wrecked by this.

We’ve been mining Nervos Network (CKB) since the beginning. We have three Bitmain Antminer K7 CKB Miners, and we have had nothing but issues with them. From fried control boards, weak hash boards, and an impending CKB halving, we’re just not seeing the value in these miners anymore. We’ve had a bad experience with the K7, and we’ve been documenting the whole experience, to the point where Bitmain asked us to take down the video.

These are things that miner sellers are not going to tell you! It’s imperative you fully understand the intricacies of a miner before spending thousands of dollars on ASIC miners, so we’re going to break it down all for you here in this updated Antminer K7 review!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Don’t buy Nervos CKB miners in 2024!
01:38 Upcoming CKB halving
03:31 Antminer K7 prices – too high!
05:01 What is Nervos CKB?
05:31 How profitable are the K7 miners?
08:11 Antminer K7 dashboard & performance
10:08 How will the halving affect CKB mining?
12:01 Are halvings good or bad?
14:00 CKB vs Kaspa mining
15:38 Should you mine CKB in 2024?