Bitcoin is dumping, even though many thought that BTC would pump after the Bitcoin ETFs being approved… This is why Bitcoin is dumping, and some Bitcoin ETFs are a huge mistake to be involved with.

Fidelity, Blackrock, and many other major hedge funds, investment firms, and just basically the biggest money movers in the world have launched Bitcoin ETFs… Bitcoin is dumping though, even though Bitcoin ETFs opened the doors to literally billions of dollars being invested into BTC through ETFs… FTX and Grayscale Digital Currency Groups GBTC was the trojan horse that snuck through ETF approval, causing a massive outflow of capital from the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sector, as FTX and GBTC investors are systematically dumping billions of dollars in Bitcoins… and there’s even more major urgent bitcoin news to unpack.


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Bitcoin ETFs are finally here but why are we dumping?
02:06 Blackrock buying a lot of Bitcoin
03:10 Grayscale dumping GBTC Bitcoin
04:27 What is GBTC?
05:50 Coinbase holding allot of ETF’s BTC
06:42 Will the ETFs boost Bitcoin development
08:06 Best bitcoin ETF?
08:50 The BTC ETFs are Dumping!
09:36 WTF is a ETF?
10:52 Coby called it
13:00 BITO shares colling off
13:40 Hedge funds in BTC
14:16 FTX dumping GBTC
15:19 People dumping GBTC for other ETFs
16:15 Fidelity choosing self custody
17:25 What will happen to Bitcoin and Bitcoin ETFs?