A $100,000 crypto airdrop for you, thanks to RABBIT DAO a new memecoin cryptocurrency that wants to become a leader in DePin iot 5g mining, displacing Helium, hivemapper, and other depin coins.

Learn more about RABBIT crypto coin here – https://rabbitdao.xyz/

Buy Sell Trade RichRABBIT coin on bitget – https://www.bitget.com/

Remember, this incoming cryptocurrency airdrop was proposed by RichRabbit, and RABBIT will be handling the distribution of the RABBIT tokens, we are working with them to facilitate a fun and exciting crypto airdrop for everyone, but it’s a work in progress with no guarantees.


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 A new cryptocurrency has dropped!
00:45 What is DePIN
01:45 What is RichRabbit? Market Cap, Volume and Price
03:10 How to participate with the RABBIT token?
04:30 RABBIT got listed on Bitget
05:14 RABBIT Tokenomics
06:12 RABBIT has an Anonymous team
06:45 How to participate in the RABBIT airdrop?