Cryptocurrency mining has become a billion dollar industry mining trillion dollar assets, and yet some people still write it off lol — what’s the best coin to mine in 2024 though, because it’s not Bitcoin… at least it’s not unless you have millions in funding — lets review the best crypto mine in 2024!

Kaspa has quickly cemented itself as the 2nd most profitable coin to mine and today we will review the best Kaspa ASICs to buy, and why buying a Kaspa miner is a lucrative way to earn passive income, I am personally expanding my Kaspa mining farm, and this video reviews why!


⏰  Timestamps  ⏰

00:00 Kaspa mining is amazing
01:06 Kaspa keeps going up
02:29 VoskCoin mining endeavor
02:58 What is Kaspa?
03:50 Storing Kaspa coins
04:39 Why Kaspa?
05:53 Kaspa reward reduction
06:43 What happened to early Kaspa miner buyers?
08:44 Iceriver KS0 Pro
09:54 Iceriver KS1
11:56 Iceriver KS2
12:26 Powering the Kaspa miners
13:15 Iceriver KS3M
13:46 Iceriver KS3M vs Antminer KS3
14:32 How much does this miners earn?
15:34 Tips in crypto mining
16:36 Kaspa mining farm challenges
18:40 Kaspa vs other minable coins
20:18 New Kaspa miners
22:26 Should you mine Kaspa?
25:22 Bonus