Move over IceRiver, Goldshell is back with their KA Box Kaspa miner, it’s a small, quiet, and really profitable mining rig that makes mining at home easy. This miner earns around $10 a day, and costs less than $1 to run for me.

Kaspa has been the most profitable coin to mine over the last year, and well into 2024, but what’s the best miner for mining KAS?! Goldshell wants to be the best small miner, and we just got their prototype KA Box Kaspa mini asic miner in to review, it’s small, and it’s a passive income machine! Let’s review the Goldshell KA Box, which is the size of the IceRiver KS0 Pro, but more performance than the IceRiver KS1, and uh, how much does this thing cost though?!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Brand New Goldshell KA Box Miner Review!
04:03 Is it too late to mine Kaspa?
04:52 How much will the Goldshell KA Box cost?
07:09 Kaspa Rewards reduction
07:58 Setting up the Goldshell KA Box & performance
10:04 VoskCoin KA Box Review
13:19 Mining data update on the KA Box
15:15 Goldshell KA Box Setup & Review