Radix XRD is a cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrency platform network, so what are the best dapps on it? Radix has a lot of up and coming cryptocurrency projects that are building on their ledger with their unique programming language, new tokens, crypto airdrops? Let’s review the top Radix DAPPS!

With the Babylon upgrade coming soon, Radix XRD and their Ethereum wrapped token eXRD it is a very exciting time for Radix cryptocurrency investors, developers, and users!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Exploring new opportunities on Radix
00:52 Radix chain analysis
01:34 What is Radix?
03:01 Radix token analysis
03:52 Dapp #1
06:22 Dapp #2
08:52 Dapp #3
10:48 Dapp #4
12:01 Dapp #5
13:05 Dapp #6
14:16 Radix ecosystem growth analysis
15:37 My thoughts on Radix ecosystem