Is the Bitcoin bull run confirmed? BTC is pumping, ETFs are scooping up more Bitcoin than we can make, and cryptocurrencies are pumping — is the crypto beark market over, and Bitcoin is confirming the next crypto bullrun? ! Let’s review the data.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 An impending bullrun?
00:35 Crypto market is rising up
01:59 Preparing for the bullrun
02:52 Mining in the bullrun
04:15 Crypto airdrops
04:53 Lots of new crypto projects
05:18 Influencer fight club
05:50 Ready To Fight project
07:50 Teenager managing billions?
08:27 Chia network update
09:09 Mining with solar power
10:25 Uniswap is up huge
11:32 Best PDU for mining
11:48 The 110V ASIC miner for Bitcoin
13:18 Kaspa mining updates
13:55 Crypto is rapidly developing