Honestly Braiins has been a really good experience and upgrade to my Bitcoin mining farm, and it’s super exciting to see FINALLY the public release of the Braiins tool box, which is basically a software program to deploy Braiins onto your Bitcoin ASIC mining rigs.

Braiins Toolbox is available on mac and windows, previously it was in a private beta and then only available for linux. This makes installing Braiins much more feasible, easier, and accessible to many Bitcoin miners, especially smaller BTC mining farms! Here’s the VoskCoin crash course on how to install braiins in 2024 using their new toolbox software!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Installing Braiins OS on my BTC miners!
02:27 What is the Braiins Toolbox?
04:02 Why use Braiins OS and mining pool?
05:29 How to use Braiins Toolbox to install Braiins OS
09:47 Upgrading your Bitcoin miners
11:32 Installing Braiins OS on an S19K Pro
12:35 Braiins OS miner performance & profitability
16:00 Advanced settings on Braiins OS
19:10 Why Braiins OS is great for efficient BTC mining
22:29 VoskCoin Braiins Toolbox guide