You can turn any computer into a cryptocurrency node, normally it’s just adding software to a PC, today we are going to be reviewing the ETCMC plug-and-play crypto node, which rewards you in their ETCMC token for running an Ethereum Classic ETC node.

ETC nodes –


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00:00 Expanding the mining farm!
00:51 Profitable home node
02:10 What is Ethereum classic
03:05 Building a mining farm is hard work
03:52 What is the ETCCMC project?
05:38 What does a Node actually do?
06:50 Huge node growth!
08:03 Where to buy a ETCCMC node
09:10 How profitable is running a ETCCMC node?
11:16 What do people think about this project?
14:20 What is the future of the ETCCMC ?
16:00 What is the ETCMC DAO?
17:09 How to add Ethereum classic to Metamask
18:22 NFT DAO membership
19:15 What is the ETCPOW token?
20:43 How to setup an ETCCMC plug and play node
23:40 The ETCCMC made the ETC blockchain more robust
25:01 Should more blockchains pay their node operators?