Here’s how I earned over $10,000 doing NOTHING with crypto, I will show you what tools and cryptocurrencies I used to do this, and share my tips and tricks to easily enable you to start earning cryptocurrencies 24/7, as always, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Neoxa is a play to earn gaming cryptocurrency that is GPU mineable but more importantly it has masternodes and I am earning huge easy rewards staking these NEOX coins, well its technically running a masternode on Pecunia platform and getting the rewards, let’s review Neoxa, my returns, how much I spent, and how much I have earned so far!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 I’ve earned over $10,000 over the last week
00:40 What is Neoxa and why it could be a huge project?
03:08 Neoxa Smart Nodes Utility
04:05 How much does it cost to run a node?
04:25 Neoxa Market Cap and Exchange listings
06:26 How much does it cost me to run my nodes?
08:40 How much could you win running a Neoxa node?
12:19 What are people saying about Neoxa on Twitter?
13:14 Learn more, earn more!