Is Chia (XCH) a good buy for 2024? Should I acquire more Chia coins or consider selling them? Was building my own Chia XCH HDD mining farm a mistake? Let’s delve into the details and fundamentals to gauge what a price prediction for Chia XCH might look like in 2024!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Chia a good buy for 2024?
00:52  Chia market analysis
02:04 How much do I mine with Chia?
03:16  Chia IPO
03:46  Chia lays off its employees
04:25  VoskCoin Chia farm stats
05:40 Chia emission mechanism
08:03 What value does the Chia Network provide?
10:18  My thoughts on Chia