New iBeLink SIA Miner Earns $30 Daily but is Siacoin Worth Mining in 2024? iBeLink leaked a new Siacoin miner and it’s projected to have double the hashrate of Goldshell’s Sia miner. Let’s review and compare the latest SiaCoin miners! You can buy Siacoin miners.

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iBeLink leaked the stats on their new Siacoin Miner, the BM-S1Max. How does it compare to Goldshell’s SC5 Pro and SC6-SE miners? It more than doubles their hashrate! Siacoin has been around for a while. We had been mining it back in 2018 with Obelisk miners. So let’s talk about where it’s been, is it still worth mining, and what Siacoin miner would be best to buy?

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00:00 New miner makes $30 a day?
00:51 Status of Siacoin
03:05 New iBeLink Siacoin miner – iBelink BM-S1Max
04:12 New miners from iBeLink
05:01 Status of Goldshell miners
07:15 Goldshell Siacoin old models vs new models
09:29 iBeLink vs Goldshell Siacoin miners
11:47 What happened to Goldshell?
13:08 What is the best Siacoin miner?