I have been waiting for this miner to finally release for about a year, and it is as profitable as I had hoped! I am building a big mining farm to hopefully one day earn easy passive income, and I think this Jasminer X16-P will be a profitable mining rig for a long time, but there’s one catch!

Jasminer previously brought us the x16-q which the q stands for quiet, it is a very quiet and profitable at-home ethereum miner, but people mainly mine Ethereum Classic ETC and Zil Zilliqa and some other cryptocurrencies these days. Now the X16-P by Jasminer is finally here, it is basically an industrialized x16-q with similar mining efficiency but a much higher hashrate and increased density perfectly suited for mining farms and more serious crypto miners.


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 We just acquired the Jasminer X16-P
02:50 Jasminer X16-P Hashrate and Power consumption
04:51 Jasminer X16-P mining profitability
05:20 Jasminer X16-P is the King of efficiency, and its different mining modes
09:30 Jasminer X16-P Mining Profitability and Running cost
10:57 Ethereum classic has a Halving in February (Fifthening)
12:38 Should you get the Jasminer X16-P?
14:10 Where could you buy a Jasminer X16-P?