Kaspa miners were supposed to be more profitable than Bitcoin mining, so I upgraded from Kaspa GPU mining to KAS ASIC miners. These ASIC mining rigs were worth over $40,000, how has it really been mining the Kaspa cryptocurrency, actual mining profitability, and was it a good return on investment ROI?

Kaspa mining took over the mining world quickly, as the most profitable mining rigs you could buy in 2023, were Kaspa ASIC miners. In 2024, Kaspa is still the most profitable cryptocurrency you can mine, and still the best KAS mining rigs profit more than 8x more than Bitcoin miners. I have spent a lot of time, effort, and money on Kaspa mining, and own more than $40,000 of KAS ASIC mining hardware, but was this Kaspa mining farm actually worth it? Let’s review VoskCoins Kaspa mining profitability and experience over the last year, and Vosks mining outlook for Kaspa mining in 2024.



⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Investing $40,000 in Kaspa mining
02:54 Inception of Kaspa asic miners
03:30 The Iceriver KS0 experience
05:32 My mining journey
07:06 The Iceriver KS1 experience
09:03 Current state of Kaspa mining
12:59 Iceriver KS1 earnings
16:11 The Iceriver KS3M experience
17:41 The Iceriver KS2 experience
19:46 Current state of crypto ecosystem
21:44 2023 Kaspa mining recap
25:11 Content creation and mining
26:22 Breaking even in Kaspa mining
29:07 General rule in mining
31:27 Kaspa mining in 2024