Starknet, Linea, and Scroll are some of the most exciting and obvious incoming free cryptocurrency airdrops for 2024, but how do you become eligible for these crypto airdrops, and other bullish crypto news, I’ll tell ya!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Cryptocurrency is about to take off!
00:55 Bitcoin Stocks rallying
02:07 Starknet, Lin ea and Scroll TVL
03:36 Interacting with a DApp on Starknet
05:05 is growing
06:00 Bridging some ETH to Scroll
07:16 Scroll DApps and TVL
08:43 Interacting with a DApp on Scroll
11:00 How to be eligible for a crypto airdrop?
13:50 What is Linea?
14:45 How to participate in the Linea Airdrop?
15:21 Passports for Web3 and their problems!