SocialGood has been known for its crypto cashback program. The app has undergone some changes since we last talked about them. They also have a new 1000% cashback program for Black Friday!?

VoskCoin has covered SocialGood in the past, and SocialGood asked us to create a new updated video review of their SocialGood app. SocialGood is currently running a 1000% crypto cashback deal for Black Friday, with eligible sites including Temu, Aliexpress, Expedia,, Shopee, and more. There have been updates to SocialGood’s membership, their cashback withdrawals, cashback deals, as well as some other features in their app. Let’s review the SocialGood app and the SG token!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 SocialGood 2023 Review
01:29 The SocialGood app
02:24 1000% cashback offer
02:56 Key points before using SocialGood
04:51 more on 1000% cashback offer
05:11 SocialGood token analysis
07:10 SocialGood membership requirements update
08:08 Interacting with SocialGood app
11:04 My takes on SocialGood