This new ibelink kaspa ASIC miner is a passive income beast, earning about $70 per day mining the 2nd most profitable coin to mine, Kaspa KAS. Let’s review what we know about the ibelink bm-ks max so far, its mining profitability, and if it’s still worth it to buy a kaspa miner?

Move over iceriver and Bitmain, there’s a new kaspa miner asic manufacturer in town and I am not talking about the incoming Goldshell miners, ibelink has now released their ibelink bm-ks max, not to be confused with the ibelink bm-ks. The ibelink bm-ks max is a more efficient kaspa asic miner than the iceriver ks3m, and bitmain antminer ks3!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 This miner earns $70 a day
00:46 Kaspa mining ecosystem
01:35 Mining vs buying Kaspa
02:40 iBeLink BM-KS Max miner
03:24 BM-KS Max vs other Kaspa miners
04:28 Additional modes on the BM-KS Max
05:28 Iceriver KS0 pro price drop
06:06 My Kaspa mining stats
06:57 Goldshell launching new Kaspa miners
07:41 Beware of Kaspa miner scams
08:00 Goldshell Kaspa miner release
08:46 Kaspa emission reduction
09:44 My thoughts on this BM-KS Max Kaspa miner