We are entering the next crypto bullrun, and play to earn gaming will be really exciting in this crypto cycle, now Xpet is rewarding Twitter users with their new crypto game on X, farm xpet and bpet tokens for free while you use social media!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Play to Earn & Pixel Art
00:55 How to Participate with Xpet?
01:40 Is Xpet the next Axie Infinity?
02:44 How to get your first pet in Xpet
03:45 Xpet Daily Quests
04:45 Leveling Up my Xpet
08:52 How are PvP / PvE Mechanics on Xpet?
11:48 How to Find Chests on Xpet?
12:34 Borrowing Xpet at 0% Interest!
13:59 Xpet and Bpet price and Where to buy them
15:02 The XHat is listed on OKX, will it be Xpet listed there?
16:20 Opening a chest on Xpet!
18:15 My Honest opinion on Xpet