These are the fastest growing blockchains in cryptocurrency right now and the fastest growing crypto blockchains will likely be some of the best altcoins, ecosystems, and free airdrops as cryptocurrency continues to gain momentum and adoption!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 The Fastest Growing Blockchains
00:44 The top 10 chains by Total Value Locked
02:14 Optimism had another airdrop
03:22 Orbiter-Finance, zk-sync era airdrop
04:31 BigInt, ENS for zk-sync
05:10 OmniRock, swap a rock in different chains
07:05 Base TVL, Fees, and Revenue
08:07 How to airdrop hunt on Base?
09:38 Aerdrome Trading and Liquidity Marketplace on Base
11:26 your network is your net worth
12:42 Market sentiment and TVL monthly change
11:44 Bitcoin Network 1 Month change