This is not a final design of the VoskCoin x Goldshell Mini Doge miner

Tails is the resident Shiba Inu, and the true DOGE! Our little Dogecoin is the CTO or Chief Treat Officer of VoskCoin, oh and she also owns our YouTube channel! Tails Vosk is very experienced in mining, and has been mining cryptocurrencies full-time for over 4 years now!

Tails Vosk VoskCoin dog Doge

The Tails Edition Mini-Doge miner by Goldshell has no premium in price attached, just a premium in design and a couple of extra surprise goodies for those that order this miner! The VoskCoin Tails Edition x Goldshell Mini-Doge miner will be sold in batches, and the first batch goes up for order today!

The Goldshell Mini-Doge is quiet, efficient, and a very profitable Scrypto Litecoin Dogecoin mining rig, you can review the official specifications of the Mini Doge miner below. You will not receive the model with the muscular Doge on it.

We are still working on the custom case design and it will be finished shortly.

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