In the past, cryptocurrency users in Australia faced serious tax issues related to the buying and selling of Bitcoin and altcoins. Due to the way the laws were written, Australians were technically supposed to pay taxes twice on their cryptocurrency profits. The regulatory environment has since changed, and Australia is now one of the best locations to buy bitcoin and sell cryptocurrencies in the entire world.

There are dozens of options to pick from when buying and selling cryptocurrency in Australia, but it’s important to take the time to find the right platform for your specific use case. Are you just buying Bitcoin to move some money across the world as quickly as possible? Are you looking to buy and hold the “digital gold” for the long term? These are the sorts of questions you will need to think about before choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange in Australia.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Australia

CoinSpot currently offers the easiest way to get your hands on some Bitcoin from Australia. The platform has been around since 2013, which was during the time the new form of electronic money hit the mainstream for the first time.

CoinSpot has built up a strong reputation as a trusted platform for buying and selling most cryptocurrencies over the years, and their free and instant deposits are a key selling point of their operation.

In addition to being a trusted platform that has never faced a serious security incident, CoinSpot also offers tremendous customer support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When looking at an exchange for the first time, new users can sometimes get overwhelmed, especially when there are a large number of different crypto assets from which to choose. That said, CoinSpot has been able to build a service that makes the processing of buying one’s initial crypto holdings as simple as possible, all while keeping trading fees relatively low for their customers.

Some of the other popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia include Digital Surge, Independent Reserve, CoinJar, and Plus500. Digital Surge is registered with ASIC and ASTRA and has received stellar reviews thanks to its streamlined interface and impressive customer service. Independent Reserve is one of the most trusted exchanges in Australia and offers support for AUD, USD, NZD, and SGD currencies.

Meanwhile, international-focused exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, eToro, and Kraken can also be good options for Australians.

1. Coinspot
2. Coinbase
3. Kraken
4. Binance
5. eToro


1. Premier Australian cryptocurrency exchange

2. Over 150 different cryptocurrencies are available

3. Very safe and complies with several different Australian financial law agencies

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1. User-friendly

2. Great customer service

3. $10 in free Bitcoin with code “CRYPTOVANTAGE10” upon Sign up & verification.

4. Diverse and consistently updated choice of coins

5. FUNDING METHODS: Debit & Credit Bank, PayPal, ACH, Bank Transfer



8. Supports POLi for buying cryptocurrency

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1. Trustworthy exchange

2. Supports many different funding options

3. Accepts users from across the globe

4. High trading volume




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1. Easy sign-up process

2. Lowest transaction fees of any major exchange

3. 175+ different digital assets available

4. Free deposits

5. FUNDING METHODS Debit & Credit Card, Wire Transfer, ACH



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1. Great for crypto beginners

2. Solid crypto/general trading platform

3. Reliable company with solid trust in the community

4. Fully supports credit cards for deposits and withdrawals

5. FUNDING METHODS e-Transfer & Wire Transfer



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Is It Easy to Buy Bitcoin in Australia?

It is extremely easy for anyone in Australia to buy Bitcoin from a variety of user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges today. While trading options were limited in the early days of Bitcoin, there was an explosion of new exchange platforms that were launched in the mid-2010s. Many of these new platforms focused on creating easy-to-use interfaces that the average Joe or Jane on the street could understand. While these platforms will make it simple for anyone in Australia to purchase their first Bitcoin, consumers should always remember that there are usually extra costs associated with convenience.

Recently, the launch of a digital ID system in Australia has made it much easier for users to get verified on exchanges and start trading cryptocurrencies as quickly as possible.

Which Cryptocurrencies Can I Buy in Australia?

If a cryptocurrency exists, you should technically be able to buy or sell it, as there is nothing stopping people from trading these assets in a peer-to-peer manner. However, this process can be rather cumbersome to newcomers, which is why getting listed on known, centralized exchanges is extremely important for the viability of a crypto asset.

CoinSpot lists more crypto assets for the trade than any other platform in Australia. On this exchange, you’ll be able to purchase popular crypto-assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum or more niche offerings like VTC, GBYTE, or CELR. There are currently more than 100 different crypto assets available for trade on CoinSpot.

What is the Cheapest Way to Buy Cryptocurrency in Australia?

In Australia, the fees associated with buying any cryptocurrency can range from 0% to 5% or more. Notably, an important factor to consider when looking for the lowest cryptocurrency trading fees in Australia is whether or not the exchange has AUD trading pairs. If Australian dollars cannot be used on the trading platform, then the fees associated with trading will effectively be doubled because customers will be required to convert their AUD into USD or another currency before making their first trade.

In terms of low trading fees for AUD-based trading pairs, Swyftx is currently the best option on the market. That said, you should also consider the fees associated with various deposit and withdrawal methods on this platform to make sure that you’re able to get the best rates possible for your cryptocurrency trades.

Where Can I Sell Cryptocurrency in Australia?

In general, selling your cryptocurrency will be easier than buying it in Australia. This is because cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. In other words, the person receiving your cryptocurrency in a trade will have strong guarantees that you will not attempt to fraudulently reverse a trade after it has been made.

If you’re looking to get the best possible price for your crypto holdings, then you’ll want to stick with Swift. If that platform is too confusing for you, then CoinSpot will be your best bet. Either way, remember to track your crypto sell orders, as you’ll need to pay taxes on any gains made during your cryptocurrency trading.

Can I Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card in Australia?

Many people want to know how to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card in Australia because this is the payment method that they are most familiar with using for online transactions. While it is possible to buy Bitcoin with a credit or debit card, it should be noted that this type of exchange usually comes with much higher fees. This is because exchange platforms face much higher risks of fraudulent transactions occurring when traditional payment cards are used.

Coinbase and Coinmama are two of the best options when purchasing Bitcoin or altcoins with a credit or debit card in Australia. While Coinbase has lower fees for this type of crypto trade, Coinmama allows its customers to purchase more cryptocurrency via a single trade made via a debit or credit card.