Bitcoin, the most prominent cryptocurrency, has gradually evolved into a mainstream payment option in recent years. Although most people use Bitcoin for trading and investing, many establishments, including several in the food service industry, are beginning to accept it as payment. We’ll go through how to buy food using Bitcoin in this section. Continue reading!

Advantages of buying food with Bitcoin

1. Transactions are completed more quickly.

Unlike typical payment methods, Bitcoin transactions take only a few minutes.

2. Reduced Transaction Fees

Bitcoin transaction fees are often cheaper than credit or debit card fees.

3. Better Privacy and Security

Unlike typical payment methods, Bitcoin transactions provide greater anonymity and security. A transaction does not require your personal information to be completed.

4. Loyalty and Reward Schemes

Customers that use Bitcoin as a payment method are typically offered loyalty and reward programs, providing extra incentives to adopt this payment method.

Steps for Buying Food Using Bitcoin

To purchase food with Bitcoin, you must first locate restaurants that accept direct cryptocurrency payments. The good news is that Bitcoin payments are accepted by the majority of restaurants, food delivery services, cafés, and grocery shops. Once you’ve discovered a shop that accepts Bitcoin, here’s how to pay for food:

  • Before making any payments, open your Bitcoin wallet and check your balance.
  • Scan the QR code supplied by the company or input your Bitcoin address.
  • Before inputting the payment amount, double-check the transaction information.
  • Submit the transaction, and the business will be paid in Bitcoin.

If the store does not take Bitcoin directly, you can buy gift cards with Bitcoin and subsequently redeem them.

How to Buy Gift Cards for Food with Bitcoins

1. Look for a Bitcoin-accepting gift card retailer.

Gift cards may be purchased using bitcoins from websites such as CryptoRefills, Bitrefill, Gyft, eGifter, and others. Visit their websites and browse their gift card selections to choose the one you desire.

2. Open an Account

You must first create an account with the shop offering gift cards before purchasing them. Providing your name, email address, and other information is frequently required.

3. Select Your Gift Card

After reviewing the gift card options, select the one that is most convenient for you. Check the card’s value and expiration date before purchasing it.

4. Add the Gift Card to Your Cart

After you’ve decided on a gift card, add it to your cart and go to the checkout.

5. Select Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Choose Bitcoin as your payment option at the checkout. Send your Bitcoin payment to the website’s specified address.

6. Make a Bitcoin Payment

Send the precise amount of Bitcoin from your wallet to the specified address. However, you must account for Bitcoin network transaction costs.

7. Await Confirmation

You must wait for the shop to confirm receipt after sending the funds. Depending on the speed of the Bitcoin network, this might take anything from a few minutes to an hour.

8. Get Your Gift Card

When your payment is completed, you will get the gift cards through email via the retailer’s website. To redeem your gift card, you must have the card’s details, including the gift card code or serial number, on hand.


One of the fastest-growing industries where Bitcoin is accepted as payment is the food services sector. You may use Bitcoin to buy food at a restaurant that takes direct crypto payments, or you can use Bitcoin to purchase gift cards, which you can then use to purchase groceries and food.

Subway, Domino’s, Burger King, KFC Canada, and Starbucks are just a handful of the companies that accept Bitcoin payments or provide Bitcoin gift card purchases. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may also be used to purchase gift cards for major delivery services, restaurants, and grocery shops such as Uber Eats, Walmart, Just Eat, and Starbucks.